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Can I get compensation if my bag is delayed or lost?

One of the first questions that comes to mind when realizing your bag is delayed or lost is “Can I get compensation?”. The answer is YES – if you follow the rules for registering your lost luggage and -in the case of delay- if the delay exceeds a certain timeframe.

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Airlines auction off your luggage

In one out of every 3,000 cases, lost luggage never makes it back to its owner. A recent BBC article gives an inside view on the topic of airlines auctioning off your luggage.

“Airlines actively look for the owners for up to 100 days. After that, the bag is considered to be lost,” says Nick Gates, director of SITA, an air transport communications company that

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2.750 Mishandled bags per hour

According to the latest SITA Baggage Report (2015) more than 2.750 bags are reported mishandled at the airport every single hour of every single day. That’s an average of two bags per flight, adding up to 24,1 million mishandled bags per year.
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The five ways in which baggage gets lost

It happens to thousands of travellers every day. They arrive at their destinations, while their baggage does not. During the days – and sometimes – weeks that follow a loss, you can do nothing but hope that the whereabouts of your baggage can be traced so that the airline can return your luggage.

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